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Friday, February 05, 2010

Unemployed and no time to blog?

That doesn't seem quite right, does it? Well time's fun when you're having flies and a week has slipped by and no doubt my pathetic visit stats have slipped as a result. So what have I been doing all week?

I did have a job interview yesterday with a company that works as an intermediary for out of state companys looking to do work on Hill AFB. The job is a consulting position, representing a company or 2 or 3, doing research, setting up meetings and generally seeking new business opportunities. The interviewers left it with me to consider and promised some additional background information via email before I decide to sign on. THe job might be promising and profitable but it is significantly different than what I've been doing or what I thought I might do, so it's something to think over carefully.

As part of my birthday celebration, last night the BSU and I went to see A Prairie Home Companion live radio show at our local cineplex big screen. We invited Kenny and his lovely spouse along and this was their introduction to Garrison Keillor and the Prairie Home crew and they really liked it. I think they were both very surprised at how much fun the show was even if they didn't know the characters. The BSU isn't a huge Garrison fan so she wasn't expecting to have a great time but she did enjoy it even if her opinion of the host didn't change any. I also noticed this morning that they are going to do an encore show February 9 so if you click the link you can find the details of where it might be showing near you next week. I really recommend it if you enjoy A Prairie Home Companion on your local public radio station and have never had a chance to see the production live on stage. The singing is energetic and there is plenty of it. Sue Scott is a hottie- click through the pictures to #9 to see her and Pat Donahue is an amazing guitar player- I really enjoyed watching him play. Click the #2 picture at the link to see him playing a beautiful Gretch guitar. All in all, it was a fun night out and I really liked the fact that Kenny and Susie had a great introduction to the show.

What else? Ittie Bit is nicely healed up from his surgery on Monday and is back to his hyperactive, silly self. He's busy trying to dig his way into a paper box here in my office right now and having a great time. I saw my buddy Ben twice this week, taking him out to dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ and the next day we went for a drive out to Smith & Edward's Country Store for a look around.

So I haven't landed a job just yet but I have been searching and I've applied a couple interesting places. Now I need to get busy today to see what new opportunities have presented themselves. And there's a gun show tomorrow!

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